After consistently running my podcast alone for 100 weeks, having a new guest almost every single week (few solo sessions) - I've learnt a heck of a LOT along this journey and just feel like it's time I pause from the Podcasting world and focus more on growing my Business Coaching purpose as that is what truly fulfils me at the deepest level of my core.

The podcast has been an amazing learning curve for me and I am forever super grateful for all the love, support and comments received from it over the past 100weeks. I'm super proud of myself for lasting this long alone and felt it's time to pause for a while and maybe resume at a later date in future when I'm able to scale and have more Time on my hands.

THANK YOU to everyone who has ever listened / watched The Purposeful Mindset Podcast! I LOVE you guys so much and hope it was valuable towards you finding your purpose.

Here are my Top 5 Podcasting Lessons Learnt:

1. Having a podcast instantly gives you a boost in Credibility

2. Connect & speak to ambitious new people daily online

3. Use the content from the show as social media posts across all platforms

4. Listen and learn from super smart and wise individuals who give new perspectives

5. Build community through like minded souls who want the best for each other

6. BONUS - It’s NOT easy to maintain and stay consistent with one so if you’re not a committed and serious person, don’t start one - if you are, definitely start one and try it out!



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